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As of 26/07/2021 i will be offering an engine carbon cleaning service for both workshop & mobile services, for mobile i will require mains electricity until i can find a 12volt solution. i have done a lot of research into this possible solution for cleaner running engines, some negative and some positive so customers should be advised before carrying out such work depending on how much carbon has built up within the internals of the engine this may not be the complete solution, as usual i will offer my honest opinion. Carbon cleaning using hydrogen has been around for a little while now, pure hydrogen injected via the air intake system initiates a hotter burning cycle for the engine and can but not always burn away built up carbon deposits from within the engine, both DPF & EGR's on diesels normally benefit quite well from the information ive found. This works for both petrol and diesel engines. Unfortunately it will not work on direct injection petrol engines this is mainly due to the locaion of the fuel injection system. please give me a call for pricing and availability, each carbon clean incorporates a diagnostic health inspection before and after the clean and where possible on diesel engines an attempt to regenerate the DPF will be made, please note this may not be possible on some vehicles especially where paricular fault codes are absolutely neseccary for the regeneration process to be made possible.

EMH Enterprises is operated and owned by myself a City & Guilds qualified motor mechanic of nearly 40 years.

My current labour rates are at present very low in comparison to my local competitors mainly because I don't have the overheads that they do, I have two different hourly rates, workshop or mobile.

Your local car & light commercial vehicle mobile mechanic in Basingstoke, with City & Guilds Qualifications and nearly 40 years of knowledge in the motor repair industry. The company mantra is to give you the customer the best possible service for a more affordable price. I will do my best to beat any local competitors price wherever possible. I am contactable between 08.30-18.30 Monday to Friday and 08.30-14.00 on Saturday, if outside these times please either leave a voicemail or text and i will get back to you on the following working day. My aim is to give you a better and more personal service than any other iindependent garage will offer and my feedback accross various different platforms reflects this. I will do my best to help you out of any sticky situation.

 Please call 07772 250233 for an estimate for any required work where i will be happy to help. At all times whilst working on customer vehicles you will be notified if any other work is required. All used parts are kept and will be available to you at your request before disposal.


Please be assured that at no time will any defect work be carried out without prior authorisation, estimates where possible will be given before commencement of any work, if no authorisation can be gained a report will be given to explain any work required. Please note that all phone calls are now recorded for training and monitoring purpose's. We sincerely hope that this statement assures our commitment to customer satisfaction.


 With EMH Enterprises you can save around 45% - 70% on your labour charges compared to most independent/main dealers, our customer feedback reflects our work commitment/customer satisfaction and repair costs.

Saturday work in some instances can be offered but require at least 3 days notice but will incur different labour rates, please call for further details. 



Please note, i get asked a lot about fitting customer supplied new/secondhand parts etc, a lot of garages will not offer this service and has recently come to light for exceptionally good reasons, unfortunately due to legal & potential warranty implications involved from now on there will be absolutely under any circumstances no fitting of customer supplied parts no matter where they are purchased or come from, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


: Saturday labour rates are different from std rates and bookings will require at least 3 days of advance notice.

Please take a look at the special offers page for any special offers

Please note, there is no VAT on our labour rates.


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